Matthews Health Education

Iris Santiago, OTR/L, PHR

  • Job Title:  Chief Operations Officer (COO)


  • Role Description: The Chief Operations Officer oversees all corporate operations and functions as second in command who reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


  • Education/Years of Work Experience:  I am a Licensed Occupational Therapist and Certified Professional Human Resources. Graduated in year 2000 for my Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy in one of the university in the Philippines. Worked as a therapist for 7 years providing therapeutic care to young and older clients. I worked as an HR Professional for 13+ years now which started as the HR Director in 2007, I wore many different hats then. I performed, not only administrative duties as the HR Director but also provided care to clients in numerous occasions. I then became the Director of Quality Control in 2014. My role includes, conducting audits and assessments and then after, formulate corrective plan to improve the processes. In 2016, I was promoted as the Agency Manager supervising the administrative departments of the company, which included departments such as Billing, HR, Payroll, Staffing and Scheduling. The year after, I was promoted as the Administrator of a home care agency. In the late 2019 and to this day, I received the promotion to be the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the company.


  • Your Goals and Aspirations: It always brings a smile in my heart whenever I hear that a client we cared for is grateful for the impact we made in his or her life. It is not the compliment itself but the thought that we as a company made a difference in somebody’s life is indeed, very rewarding. My role is more than a job. For me, it is a calling. I aspire to extend this program to those who are a care provider, may it be by profession or personal choice, to share them the knowledge to be able to provide care to a client or a loved one effectively and with a heart.


  • Your Most Impressive and Relevant Achievements:  I am blessed to have many career advancements and to continue to fulfill many duties and successes but what I am truly grateful for are all the experiences that shaped who I am today, personally and professionally. I have received many academic recognition during my educational years but the time that I was happiest was when I passed my licensure exam as an Occupational Therapist for I know I can make a difference by improving my client’s condition. Every day is an achievement, for every day is a chance to care for our clients.


  • One Quirky Fact About You: I am a learner and a doer. I learn by doing and by doing I better myself. I am keen with processes on how to attain my objective, so I am usually quiet for I am thinking and strategizing.


  • Favorite Quote: “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you”. This is the golden rule and my main rule.

Lovely Ranoa, LPN BBA


  • Job Title:  Matthews Program Director


  • Role Description:  Responsible with the overall operation of Matthews business affairs while ensuring compliance with all necessary state authorities in markets which we operate. Supervise the development of all programs and specialty classes. Develop and research new programs. Formulate, review and implement policies and procedures, and strategies to expand into new markets while ensuring compliance with any state specific, federal and local regulatory requirements. Responsible for overall supervision of classroom instructors and curriculums.


  • Education/Years of Work Experience:  I was a caregiver in profession at the age of 16 years old while working in an assistive and independent living care facility. I then became a Certified Nursing Assistant in 2008 through a Scholarship Grant Program in College of Lake County. I was accepted in the Nursing Program at Ambria College of Nursing with partial scholarship, and I became a Licensed Practical Nurse in 2010. Since then, I encompassed hundreds of caregiver skills while being in the nursing profession. I have experience in skilled nursing home facilities, hospice, palliative and home care agencies, wound care specialization, and dementia and memory care setting. I also performed in clinical administrative positions, such as admissions, director role, quality assurance and compliance. I was a proud asset in a home health agency setting in office and in the field when I found my niche as the Program Director of Matthews in 2018. Since then, I furthered my credentials in the field of business operations. I graduated Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Specialization at Capella University on partial scholarship granted by the university in 2020. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in the same direction and specialization.


  • Your Goals and Aspirations:  I believe that we all take part in a caregiving world. There are those who have been caregivers. There are those who are currently caregivers. There are those who will be caregivers, and there are those who will need a caregiver. Too often we underestimate the power of the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to make a difference and turn a life around. In my position, I am given the opportunity to make a difference by creating a better understanding of what it takes to care for a loved one. I believe that the experience of caregiving is a life-altering journey as individuals rise to challenges and reflect on the rewards. It is my goal to identify, develop and share the work it will require, the skills that will be needed, the amount of time and energy to be a caregiver. It is my professional aspiration to give back to the community by making a positive impact in caregiving training.


  • Your Most Impressive and Relevant Achievements:  I graduated nursing school with high honors, and I was also voted “Excellence in Leadership Award” by the students and faculty staff of Ambria College of Nursing in 2010. I was recognized for academic achievement awards, the Dean’s and President’s List within given semesters from 2018 to 2020 at Capella University. I am a nominated member of the National Society for Leadership and Success (NSLS). I am a proud Licensed Training Provider and volunteer with the American Red Cross. I am also an avid volunteer in various cancer charitable opportunities. I am a certified Virtual Dementia Tour Facilitator with Second Wind Dreams. And best of all, I am also a proud self-directed learner. I believe that knowledge workers succeed not based on what we know, and rather what we continue to learn. My self-taught successes include learning the virtual world and online community, such as social media, online and digital marketing, graphic design and creating print documents, communication tools and presentation software, and database management.


  • One Quirky Fact About You:  I am a wife and proud a parent responsible for caring for four beautiful boys. I am a real-life caregiver of my son who is winning against cancer! I personally understand what it takes to be a caregiver for a loved one, and it takes all the help you can get. It is indeed a life-altering journey but can also be so rewarding.


  • Favorite Quote:  “Strong walls shake but never collapse.”

Star Ewell, CNA


  • Job Title: Matthews Lead Instructor


  • Role Description: Responsible for training specialized classes that transforms caregiving experience into a profession as a Certified Home Services Worker. Executes classroom curriculums while ensuring compliance with any state specific, all applicable federal and local regulatory requirements.


  • Education/Years of Work Experience: I have been caring for the geriatric population for 37 years. I became a Certified Nursing Assistant in 1985. I have extensive experience in the fields of Long-Term and Assistive Living Care Facilities, Hospice and Palliative Care Agencies, Private Home Care Agencies, and Dementia and Memory Care Facilities. I performed in a Team Leader position according to its scheduled duties and responsibilities in directing a team of caregivers.


  • Your Goals and Aspirations: I am given the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, and I take pride in being an Instructor for potential individuals responsible in caring for a loved one. My goal is to teach and help caregivers, not only to prepare for a successful career in the home care industry, but also to spread awareness that one person caring for another represents life’s greatest value.


  • Your Most Impressive and Relevant Achievements: I am a qualified Dementia Activity Director in caring for clients in Memory Care Unit. It gives me joy in knowing what it takes to make better the lives of others by planning and monitoring leisure activities for recreation and therapeutic purposes. I am also a certified Virtual Dementia Tour Facilitator who is responsible for guiding individuals outfitted with patented devices that alter their senses and enables caregivers to experience for themselves the physical and mental challenges those with dementia face. I take pride of the opportunity to provide training with ground-breaking, evidence-based, and scientifically proven method of building a greater understanding of dementia.


  • One Quirky Fact About You: “Four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul.” The sun on your back. Two fists in the wind. And the horizon teasing you farther down a great road. That is what it’s like being on a Harley Davidson! I just love it! There’s nothing quite like it. The freedom you feel is incredible!


  • Favorite Quote: “To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”