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HSW 101: Communications in Healthcare


This Program of Study provide guidelines on proper monitoring, documentation techniques and other ways of communication. This can help the caregivers learn ways on how to effectively connect with their client may it be through verbal communication, gestures, facial expressions, communication board, documentation, reporting, etc. Learning and understanding the back story of why there is a “gap” and how to fill the “gap” in communication helps build a great and fluid relationship between the client and caregiver. This Program of Study is equivalent to additional 4 (four) hour training to meet and exceed requirements defined by the Illinois Department of Public Health Administrative Code Part 245.


To provide learners with the foundation necessary to communicate effectively with client(s) or seniors, (including those who are but not limited to hard of hearing, have dementia, or have other special needs) their families, and health care professionals.


  • Communications in healthcare
  • Communications in confidentiality and HIPAA
  • Professional documentation and communication
  • Reliever endorsements
  • Communication with the elderly
  • Special communication needs

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Duration: 40 Minutes Virtual Classroom | 3.5 Hour Self-Directed Learning
Lectures: 3
Level: Intermediate