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Caregiver training requirements for each state may differ. We ensure that you meet and exceed those state-specific requirements and guarantee your caregiver certification is within your state’s recommended parameters and compliance.


STEP ONE: Schedule Your Virtual Classroom

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One of Matthews’ greatest goal is to create a motivational learning experience for all our learners. We are proud to provide our learners with an advantage to interact with experienced, live instructors in a virtual classroom setting. This will allow active classroom participation and discussion.


Learners may participate in using a computer, laptop, or handheld devices such as cellphones or tablets. Click on the link on your device before your scheduled virtual class. This will prompt you to download the Zoom Meeting application on your device for free!


[Disclaimer for all courses. Maybe place it when they have access to the books?]


All learners are expected to read and study ahead before the scheduled virtual classroom. The classroom is live, and your instructor requires everyone to participate in the discussion actively.


STEP TWO: Take the exam

Once the virtual classroom is completed, the learner will have access to an online examination portion of the registered course.

Course certifications are available to the learner upon completing and meeting the passing score of each module.


All learners are required to pass 75% or more to meet the certification requirements of each course. We understand that learning to care for a loved one is a complex learning experience; therefore, we allow learners to have three (3) attempts to pass the test with a rate of 75% or more. After three (3) unsuccessful attempts, the learner is required to re-register for the course.



This certificate is valid for 1 (one) year from the date of completion.


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